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Activating New Creation Living through the 12 tribe bloodlines

By engaging and learning to unlock your DNA inheritance in the 12 tribes of Israel, we learn to flesh out our Kainos being walking out our framework in Christ

Restoring Identity & Abundance through our spiritual gateways in Zion

As the gateways of Zion, our identity frames the gate and our governing authority. Unlocking who and what we are in our bloodline inheritance releases authority and mantles for engagement

Engaging the Hebrew letters relevant to the 12 tribes

Hebrew letters are gateways and create. Knowing how to combine, connect and release the abundance locked up in your spiritual DNA is crucial as a son of God.

This course is presented LIVE via Zoom.

After each session the HD recordings are edited, packaged and uploaded to your student dashboard. The recordings are available by no later than Thursday the same week. Should you miss a live session, the recordings will still be available on your dashboard to catch up.


TIME - 8PM (+2GMT) South African time.

US time zones will be around lunch time.

Exact times will be revealed closer to the course

26 March 2022

2 April 2022

9 April 2022

16 April 2022

Each session is around 3 hrs with a break

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