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Unlock Temple Realms

of the Inner Man

Explore Temple realms of the inner man, journeying through the blueprint of your primordial design as the manifest gateway of the fulness of יהוה

Unlock & Explore Ascension Realms

Understand and ascend the inner structure of your temple design to manifest realms of ascension unlocking levels of consciousness - microcosm of the macrocosm.

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From a Christ centred position, Ascending the Temple staircase of your DNA will unlock an awareness of the supernatural, exploding Throne Room realities from your innermost being, expanding gates and pathways, igniting a complete new dimension of interacting with the spirit realm and heavenly hosts.

Full Course Available

Temple Ascending

2hrs 30min

Living Creatures & Wheels within Wheels - Cherubic sonship

2hrs 30min

Valley of Dry bones - Co creating

2hrs 30min

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