Sapphire Frequencies

The 7 Spirits cultivate & grow the sons of God to operate in and from their primordial position, your New Creation being. It is a position we occupy from within The Breath. Our state of being IN HIM before creation, is the blueprint the 7 Spirits mature & shape. You are a New Creation, therefor you require New Creation thinking, a framework embedded in the heart of Yeshua released from before the Throne...Sapphire Frequencies.

7 Spirits & the Kainos being
7 Spirits & the Kainos being

Supernatural transfusion - hacking the mind of Christ

7 Spirits & the Sapphire Frequencies

Mirrored blueprints - The realm of remembering

As above so below

7 Spirits & The Wheels within Wheels

Living in transcendence - maturing New Creation abilities