Your Tutor, Scharl

Equipping the sons of God and activating New Creation living in Christ is a passion, pursuit and scroll I live out daily. Throne Room Mystic is an Academy focused on equipping, teaching and activating New Creation living. I have a Church in Midrand South Africa called 'Wells of Mem' a Christ centred mystic Church (previously Centre Stage Christian Church). I absolutely love what I do, a passion that flows from the bliss and ecstasy of a love relationship with the lover of my soul, JESUS.


Before the splendid Throne of Yahweh, a spectacle of divine wisdom unfolds. There, floating in a dance of cosmic proportions, are the sacred scrolls of the Hebrew Letters. These are not ordinary parchments but a heavenly symphony of knowledge and wisdom, written in the ancient pathways. Each living letter glows with an inner light, pulsating rhythmically the beat of creation itself.

Embark on 4 sessions of divine journeying the revelation and mysteries of the living letters within the Throne Room of God, executing divine commands and formations, unraveling the blue prints of a new heaven and a new earth.


Course will be presented live via ZOOM. Every week the relevant zoom link will be posted as well as time zone converter.

Session duration is around 2 hrs 30 minutes.

The course will be recorded and uploaded every week and will be available on your student dashboard permanently to view as many times as you wish.

Course material is copyrighted and not available for download or distribution.

Session 1

29 July 2023

Session 2

5 August 2023

Session 3 & 4

12 August 2023

19 August 2023



South African = 5pm

UK = 4pm

USA = 12pm depending on time zone.

A countdown timer together with time zone converter will be posted with the zoom links every week.

An Important Note

It will be to your advantage to do the 'Intro to the Living Letters' course as a foundation to 'Cosmic Codes'. The basics of the Hebrew letters will NOT be covered in 'Cosmic Codes'. When you enrol in this course, an option to do 'Intro to the Living Letters' will appear as an order bump at a discount.

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